Buy jordans online to pick cheap jordans for sale,offer order shopping air jordan 10 westbrook,jordan why not zer0.1,rose gold jordans eminem jordans and more cheap jordans online sale retro 14 black and yellow - jordan retro 1 all white - cheap mens air jordan shoes - highlighter yellow foamposites here to buy. Geelong town is located in southeastern Guangdong Province, Huizhou City, the original town of Geelong, Huang Town and salt town merged, Guangdong province is the center of town, the footwear professional town and the national focus of the town, known as "Chinese shoes production base" and "Guangdong shoes city". since 1980s, Kuala town adhere to the implementation of "industrial town and stable agricultural town, the town business live" economic strategy, vigorously develop the local economy. At present, the footwear industry has become a leader, both shoes materials processing, leather, plastics, hardware, paper packaging and other local characteristics of the industrial system. 2006, the town GDP36.15 billion yuan, 2 billion 293 million yuan deposits of residents, taxes 164 million yuan, an increase of 18.2%, respectively, 24%, 50.16%. to set off a new wave of development, to achieve a new leap forward development, after the merger of the town of Kuala town to further clarify the function and direction of industrial development. In order to build the strength of the vitality of the Geelong, Geelong, Geelong, Geelong livable harmony as the goal. I believe that in the near future, a shoe with distinctive cultural characteristics, R & D, manufacturing, sales, logistics in one of the modern shoe-making center will Weiranchuli in the South China sea. Geelong strength: create shoes and shoe production base Geelong town is the national famous shoes. Since 1981, Hong Kong Mr. Li Binghao founded the first shoe factory in the correct leadership of the party committees and governments, after 20 years of efforts, Kuala footwear industry has experienced the development process from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong. In recent years, the development momentum is accelerating, expanding industry, the footwear industry from the original simple manual workshop, workshop production to the development of garden plant and mechanized production line; from single species can only produce low sandals, spring shoes to the development of the series of high-grade Horse Boots, shoes, casual shoes and other production from processing; production only to have their own brands and technology, has created a number of well-known enterprises and famous brands, Geelong become famous for "shoes". At present, the town has more than 3000 factories, including the pipeline enterprise 203, mechanized production line 350, shoe factory, shoe shop more than 1000, employing nearly 200 thousand people, with an annual output of more than 400 million pairs of shoes, the footwear industry output value of nearly 10 billion yu new jordans shoes for sale an, accounting for more than 90% of the total output value of agriculture. achievements: at present, Geelong town has 4 famous brand; famous trademark 14; leather, footwear industry top 7 competitive enterprises; well-known trademarks in 21; 2 enterprises have obtained the title of national inspection free products, the shoes products won the national inspection free products zero breakthrough there are 4 companies; the trademark was named Guangdong province famous trademark. 1 to September this year, the industrial output value of 6 billion 14 million yuan, an increase of 23%. Footwear industry as the main pillar industryIn 2013 games of Air Jordan 1 in 2014 to Air Nike is still a trend which cannot be halted, in the heart of Sneaker Jordan series of warlords, this will release the 23 edition of the Infrared Air Jordan has 1 Spring Festival gifts. With such a gorgeous color, this pair of Air Jordan 1 more in the field and on the road seemed at ease, love friends, please be sure to pay attention to. item: 554724-043Price: infrared-23-air-jordan-1-05.jpg (115.37 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-21 11:27 upload infrared-23-air-jordan-1-04.jpg (87.8 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-21 11:27 upload infrared-23-air-jordan-1-03.jpg (82.19 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-21 upload 11:27 infrared-23-air-jordan-1-02.jpg (70.42 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-21 11:27 upload infrared-23-air-jordan-1-01.jpg (72.79 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-21 11:27 uploadNike LeBron Power Max 6 Sample debut network 2014-08-08 10:14:50 & nbsp; famous site eBay recently exposed a Nike LeBron Power Max 6 Sample, black color with 3M reflective pattern modification, after Power is derived from the name of the shoe to help support a carbon plate design. It was initially defined as Nike LeBron shoes 6, but for various reasons unable to do so. We can not deny either the commercial version of the Nike LeBron 6 or this pair, it can be regarded as a pair of classic shoes. & nbsp; Air Jordan 3 "Legends of the Summer" latest physical picture exposure 2013-12-08 23:33:01 The Justin Timberlake in the form of a treasure hunt presented to the fans, and rumors of the upcoming Air Jordan 3 Retro sale in October this year, "Legends of the Summer" recently appeared on the famous early shopping site eBay. Red suede shoes main material, with fenders and animal material texture patent leather material, great texture, and red translucent outsole is also one of the highlights of this shoe. Nike ACG new sports boots Kingman Leather Boot 2013-12-08 22:43:45 This wee jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black k's outdoor branch Nike ACG Nike released a pair of new shoes coming versions, this double & nbsp; Nike Kingman Leather with Classic Mac Boot for the design blueprint, to build its texture excellent suede shoes. But on functional, Nike ACG gives this pair of outdoor boots new life, ankle support technology, slow epicenter bottom and tongue filling material makes this & nbsp; Nike Kingman Leather foot in the same models in boots feeling more outstanding. The & nbsp; Nike Kingman Leather There are two versions of black and brown, and is now big Nike store shelves, is the selection of winter boots friends may wish to reference. Vans OTW "Palm Camo" series released 2013-12-08 23:50:41 skateboard brand Vans Vans OTW's branch has released a product called & nbsp; "Palm Camo" footwear series, the series includes two different versions of the Vans OTW & nbsp; Alomar. New & nbsp; "Palm Camo" camouflage pattern became the most attractive highlights, pattern palm tree leaves silhouette building, including one & nbsp; Alomar in gray leather material to create shoes, red & nbsp; & nbsp; "Palm Camo "pattern appeared at the tongue and lining being; while another & nbsp; Alomar's" Palm Camo "pattern is completely covered over the entire light brown canvas shoes, very high profile. It is reported that & nbsp; Vans OTW "Palm Camo" series has been the major designated shops for sale in Vans.summer, hot weather how? Of course, this wonderful seaside summer resort, a breeze coconut, lying in a hammock, all hot sticky gone with the wind. Go out, to meet the more beautiful scenery. as a must-have product of summer fashion shoes, the classic monochrome beach slippers is definitely the general trend. 2016 summer, whether it is seaside holiday or daily leisure, you may as well integrate it into your dress. Beach mop will become a must for summer travel. this season, IJOY has launched a colorful classic beach slippers, designed to bring consumers a pair of classic comfortable beach slippers. It is worth mentioning that, in the design and production process, IJOY pioneered the use of a number of independent research and development of patented technology. The first is the ear band of TPE material, which has good telescopic performance and environmental protection. Before that, the TPE material was mainly used for soft baby appliances. Secondly, the waist fork module is added in the slippers, which can support the arch foot, relieve the foot fatigue in walking, and improve the wearing comfort. in order to further enhance the comfort, slippers using natural rubber tree extract as raw material, by hand cutting, stretch and flexibility have jordans for sale excellent performance. The unique small rice slip bottom, not only make more soft slippers fit, but also can effectively alleviate the impact of the foot to face. Excellent integrated molding technology, greatly reducing the use of harmful glue. everything, just to create a pair of the most comfortable slippers. in this summer, you can fully show your sunny side with a pair of IJOY classic single color beach slippers. Bright yellow, black, red, light grey wheat, wine color, indigo, apple green, beauty...... Or pretty or all-match, a pair of slippers can take out an entire season of fashion, a concave body comfortable shape. quickly buy IJOY products, please login Tmall flagship store on IJOY: IJOY is a former foreign trade manufacturing factory, founded in 1993, has been 22 years of experience in footwear, is a collection research and development, production, sales and service as one of the specialized slippers manufacturing enterprises, 7 brand shoes production 10 beach surf brand in the Europe and the United States, but also such as MICHAEL KORS etc. light luxury fashion brand slippers suppliers, scale and technology has a leading level in the world. for a long time, the first class of China made are exported, incomplete, leaving the Chinese people to spend their own. This is Chinese tolerance, but also in the process of growing tolerance. Then, IJOY people always have a dream, let people enjoy the first class made in china. So, through the early accumulation, under the tide of the times, IJOY was born in 2015. Slippers are the liberation of feet, just like going out for a walkConverse 2011 Jack Purcell "Fabrics Pack" autumn Plaid series shoes [] - international fashion shoes net always is particularly active in autumn and winter in the checkered pattern, this is not common in Converse under the 2011 fall into the ingenuity, the new shoe style design. With the opening of uniform smile Jack Purcell as version, launched a whole to Gewen based series, strong autumn clothes can use the color material on the selection of empathy, in addition to see a quilt, and wool and Scotland etc. show. Interested friends may wish for the coming of autumn together! (Universal shoes net - the most authoritative Chinese shoe net Chen editor)Nike Air Foamposite One "Black Suede" GS commercial information 2014-08-22 11:32:04 although the "Black Suede" spray has not yet been listed, but this Nike will lead the GS version of "Black Suede" on the shelf. This pair of shoes with the same design concept of men's money, is expected to meet with you at the end of this month. Although the configuration wit jordans on sale mens h the normal version of the GS version of the shrink slightly, but still cannot kill everyone and for the pursuit of love it, love this pair of shoes when friends can look at Nike Air Foamposite One "Black Suede GS" item: 575420-006 release date: 08/29 /14 is expected to forecast offer price: $180 Air Jordan 23 "Iridescent Python" custom made 2013-12-08 23:46:53 seems to have a lot of custom work on Air Jordan 23, so this custom producer emmanueLabor's work is very innovative. This Air Jordan 23 "Iridescent Python" (the python) custom works as again choose python python material to create deep green material with rainbow reflecting effect, give a person a kind of extremely gloomy feeling, in addition, the luxurious sheepskin lining is makes this shoe texture on a floor.Jordan Son of Mars GS / 2013-12-08 22:30:08 white gold color appreciate fit shoes Jordan Son of Mars recently for its good appearance obtained certain Fanxiang, through this wave, Nike announced a new color of the female version of the Jordan Son of Mars today. The Jordan Son of Mars; to black color collocation, transparent crystal, fresh and refined, very suitable for female fans wearing shoes. In addition, the tongue and heel of the Jumpman Logo also has golden build, add a lot of texture for this shoe. adidas D Rose 4 Purple/Teal/Yellow color matching for sale 2013-12-08 23:50:07The bull and the Miami tomorrow opener is brewing, the fiery Ross comeback after the state against the very influential James didn't know what will happen. Although the two people have not yet played on the court, but the two people on behalf of the shoe has begun a fierce confrontation. The Adidas D Rose 4 uses a combination of purple and lake blue stitching. The midsole is made of purple and yellow, and the overall effect is pleasing. Hope new shoes can bring Ross higher achievement. It is reported that this new color matching has been listed on sale, like friends can pay attention to.Vans "cork" adhering to the consistent style, in the summer of the cork wood color on the white sole bring the breath of autumn, alleviate the hot temperature, comfortable double sense. get reloaded, search the app market, "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! Source: EUKICKSin the Mid Autumn Festival, first I wish you a happy mid autumn festival! Today bring point with the Mid Autumn Festival, brain hole open topic cheap jordans for sale , if NBA team completely transformed into cakes, is what the filling? []: the five Jen moon caketo be honest speaking, five Jen moon cake is not so terrible, but very rich ingredients. Just on the Internet, the five Jen moon always play a role of black, so no matter five Ren moon cake is delicious, first sentence "beat five Ren" have fun again. The Lakers are similar, regardless of the other first sentence, "Beat LA", the political right. []: coconut moon rocketAccording to statistics, coconut moon cake in China presentspolarization trend. Such as the author is diehard coconut party, identified the Mid Autumn Festival supreme level delicious; but also argued that coconut moon cake too sweet and greasy. As the polarization of the fire and fire black. []: spurs meat moon cakemeat cakes, wood louse looks and shape is very small, Clay oven rolls like, can eat up is full of delicious taste, lard pastry, and kerioth hot meat stuffing, was slapped are reluctant to put. This is similar to the Spurs, looks bad, but taste...... [] ice cream moon cake: Warriorlove her? Love her, take her to eat Haagen dazs. To meet the needs of the market, Haagen Dazs also launched a moon cakes, ice cream, which is a new attempt, but the effect of new things, but usually people by surprise. As the warriors last year with new tactics to win like that. [] Nicks: moon cake swiftletThe bird's nest with gold in the legend of the when the fillings of moon cakes, only 3968 yuan, you don't too expensive, do not bargain. As it is very delicious? Used to do? Only two words ah. This is like New York, but also a lot of money to spend, spend, as for the future of money effect? Also only ha ha. [egg yolk lotus seed paste moon cake: Thunder] consists of two classic fillings and is a collocation, egg yolk, two Lian Rong. The two fillings have the flavor, of course, standing on the position of the author, or want more to eat lotus seed paste flavor, do not want to egg yolk too to steal the spotlight. Thunder. So, Gemini, Durant every day to pray, do not be too fierce Brook Weiss. []: Celtic Moon Cakesa very traditional moon cake, similar to the envelope of black sesame cakes, syrup moon cake and so on, often pick up this kind of moon cake, are able to feel the history of the thick. It's like the Celtics, this three word Lvshan army, itself and the history and heritage equate. Even though the times change, they are still the king of the alliance. [ham moon cake: Knight] New Balance in China 2013-12-08 22:34:45 In the New Balance 990 V3 series of running shoes released on the occasion, we witness the birth of twin 99X line of new running shoes, we also have this conv Retro jordans for sale ersation with Mr. General Manager New Balance in China ????? opportunities. Let New Balance sneakers enthusiasts can learn more about New Balance sneakers, and New Balance brand stories in China. is INTERVIEWER: Zhang Hong Wen (New Balance New Balance general manager of China) & nbsp; & nbsp; Q: For runners terms, 99X series according to the traditional classification of running shoes, you think it should be assigned to which series or what kind, is not suitable to recommend to everyone ? A: Running can be divided into different categories, such as marathon, running ten kilometers, of course, these shoes do not fit the full marathon, which is ten kilometers below for leisure jogging. It is the largest wearing experience is available to as many runners running and comfortable feeling of walking, running ten kilometers of most customers liked. & nbsp; Q: From jogging to the trend in the field, we are running shoes in the trend of more and more areas showing good momentum, how we locate a professional running shoes and retro trend? A: Our product development also from the human point of view to think, and we also know that sports projects running is a sport of the king of all sports from jogging origin, including you seen in the past three or four decades classic shoes much, many shoes are a few years to be eliminated, are rarely more than a decade. New Balance from focusing on the protection of the human foot, launched classic shoes in the 1980s and 1990s, and joined the modern pop elements. In addition to running, we also provide consumers with a comfortable and stylish choice for the past two years, New Balance offers many excellent retro classic products to Chinese consumers. & nbsp; Q: Now many big brands are using a lot of cost savings in the material, but New Balance has always insisted the US-British production capacity, production of such high-end products this is how to consider it? A: This is based on our New Balance founder of purpose, we define ourselves is a shoe manufacturing company, currently the world's top five sports brands inside, only we in the United States there are three to five factories in the UK there is a Factories have also been thirty years since the founder of the individual official's insistence, so that New Balance has always insisted on providing the best products, the best experience to consumers, and this is our responsibility. Therefore, regardless of the cost in the United States, to maintain the plant in the UK, arguably New Balance insistence on quality. Q: Now many brands of shoes mix and match based on this way, how you look, New Balance in this respect will follow it? A: we are entering a decade in China, New Balance has three decades in Asia, we have to understand and study, we do not like others in the industry to provide unlimited short-term growth for the Chinese consumer goods, we recently done a lot of research, we hope not to pursue the case of rapid growth, we still adhere to the consumer sports shoes, provided in leisure shoes most suitable for Chinese consumers. & nbsp; Q: Do you think the Chinese market and the United States, Japan, South Korea What is the difference? A: Of course, the first from the foot of the structure, the structure of the foot with the West Asians are not the same, especially the feet, high instep, New Balance was founded in 1906, this company is done the shoe was born, our first in the shoes of the head and width made some adjustments. Second, you just mentioned the problem in China is not much difference with other countries, because people are to exercise, exercise should demand. Five years ago, ten years ago, I can say Shanghai, Beijing Tokyo with enormous differences, but now consumers and Tokyo have been very close, perhaps the domestic one, two, three cities vary, but the speed of their development faster I do not think now there is a big gap between domestic and foreign. We are currently in Japan, in Tokyo, in New York, the London-listed commodities in the country as long as the volume is sufficient, we are able to secure the maximum number available to Chinese consumers, domestic New Balance is currently the most important market. I mentioned why domestic dealers than foreign delayed three to six months, it is because the US plant capacity is limited, so we can only wait in order to provide sufficient volume to domestic consumers. & nbsp; Q: New Balance cooperation with China in terms of number of stores and designers still relatively small, this year we saw some time ago to cooperate with Beijing, a trend shop, in the next period of time will have one after another Such cooperation it? A: must have, this year, in March and April gave us a very good cooperation experience with Bibi Begins, this thing is the consumer needs, product launches such cooperation can give consumers a different brand experience. For your question, I can disclose, is currently planning foreign cooperation for next year, we plan to start in the second and third quarter, has been gradually with many celebrities, tidal and artists talking about cooperation, not only in Asia, but also Europe with the United States, we are preparing a variety of programs, should be the fastest in the second and third quarters of next year, we have a lot of similar merchandise to promote. & nbsp; Q: You just mentioned the possibility of cooperation with many Chinese artists next year, we know that New Balance had the Year of the Dragon Lunar New Year Festival co-operation models, will in the future will have? A: We are currently planning next year will launch the Year of the Snake specialized section 574, I believe for the needs of Chinese consumers, will launch the Lunar New Year festival every year to meet the needs of Chinese consumers, we hope that through these zodiac paragraph introduction, the brand's spirit with the brand experience can be integrated in this place, so that consumers feel full New Balance brand experience. & nbsp; & nbsp; Q: Before Obama there are 993 across the front of his face in the media, Chinese state leaders Wen Jiabao also pass through New Balance shoes, will not have this elite class wearing shoes, discourage young people feel it, in addition Will there be a problem of aging brand? A: newly listed New Balance 990 V3 is designed with a lot of young elements into them, 990 series for consumer groups, from the fabric, design, construction methods and technology have gone high-end, although the high-end consumer jogging, at different price band 1500,1000-1500 block has merchandise, we also have 800-1000,600-800 merchandise, including in the low-end price band New Balance also launched a lot of good merchandise, we are for different consumer needs, different running demand Different consumer groups to provide more goods. On the commodities we need to gradually rich in the future, take advantage of our marketing strategy, so that domestic consumers interested in running and jogging brand experience to enjoy. & nbsp; Q: New Balance has no sales staff have special training, after seeing people of all ages to come we will launch the shoes? A: Yes, the United States we run shop, we trained shopping guide consumers come in, we asked him a question, you run several kilometers a week, how about your running style, he measured about a third The foot is suitable wear shoes, we care about every run feel, we train in-house as well as to our distribution pass. The first quarter of this year, New Balance has launched a lot of training, hoping to learn more about jogging and consumers, including internal company is also continuing to promote the sport of running to do, let the company down every one of my colleagues want to understand what runners heart I think. I believe that should go to the fourth quarter of this year will see the results next year, the year after New Balance will be greater investment. & nbsp; Q: We have other areas in addition to running the product? A: Currently running is the main, we believe that running is the source of all movement. Of course, we are in a foreign country also joined the new category of sports products, such as tennis shoes are very popular in the United States, overall we fabrics, shoes, structural support is very good. As another example, in the United States to play baseball people who often wear New Balance, we are the top three brands. New Balance founder a few years ago bought a brand Warrior, the brand this year signed a five-year contract with Liverpool, in July this year began serving Liverpool game provided by this company. In addition, New Balance has a leisure brand. We continue to consider the needs of the market, do some consumer research with test marketing early next year. Q: next year is the 25th anniversary of 576, 576 may be engraved, in addition to this there are other event? A: You probably know more about than I New Balance products, our product is very much, especially the retro classics very much. We from the first quarter of next year to the fourth quarter have been a good plan, I believe it will allow the introduction of many domestic consumers like commodities, may not meet domestic consumer demand quantity, but will make every effort to help fight domestic consumers sufficient quantity and commodity to the domestic, our US plants and factories in Europe will China as the most focused market, we do not rule out new production lines dedicated to the Chinese market. & nbsp; Q: China the main consumer price range, what is it? A: is between 600-800 yuan, we hope to provide a good product, consumers can afford to spend money to enjoy, today released 990 V3 jogging mainly for high-end consumers. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Q: Over a period of time we are more powerful shoes prices, which have a variety of cost reasons, I want to know how the situation like New Balance, this price pressure is not still continue to exist? A: Yes, the Chinese domestic prices increased rapidly, we 2005--2010 years of international production, 65% of shoes manufactured in China, recently because of the pressure of rising costs, we are starting to put some production through partners moved to Vietnam and Indonesia, we plan in 2011--2015 in the domestic product (GDP) will be reduced to 45% or less, but at the same time we have five factories in the United States and British factories, under discussion can not open a new capacity to provide Chinese market. Currently we are planning towards the Boston headquarters of a positive angle to do, we do hope to have some capacity to China and Asian markets. & nbsp;

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