Buy jordans online to pick cheap jordans for sale,offer order shopping air jordan 10 westbrook,jordan why not zer0.1,rose gold jordans eminem jordans and more cheap jordans online sale black jordan trainers - discount nikes and jordans - real cheap jordans websites - blue foams for sale here to buy. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] in June of this year, Li Ning, Anta, and other Chinese sports apparel stock prices listed in Hong Kong fell for two consecutive weeks. The reason is only one message: Nike plans to use low-priced products into the mainland market tier. In fact, Adidas has a similar plan. So, foreign brands are Nike, led by second and third tier market expansion Why should it? Their plan will face what challenges? This is today we want to talk about the topic. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; to enter the Chinese market has become the second and third tier Nike and other foreign brands in the world the only way to achieve business growth. China's market has been the largest overseas market Nike. In 2009, Nike's revenue in the Chinese market growth of about 10 percent over the previous year. While other domestic sports brand Li Ning and Anta revenue growth and more than 25 percent. The reason for the formation of such a large contrast, is limited because of long-term foreign brands North Canton and other cities, while local brands are more to focus on the second and third tier cities. Although the market is large cities, consumer purchasing power, but the growth has been relatively slow, intense competition, the cost is higher. And with the urbanization process in China, the second and third tier urban consumers faster income growth levels, a huge market space. It can be said, Nike who are also self-styled first-tier cities, it is equal to the world's fastest-growing sportswear market ceded competitors. However, Nike had to be successful in se jordan shoes online sale cond and third tier market will face no small challenge. The first is the adjustment of product lines. Second and third tier cities in China, the market is the most acceptable footwear priced between 170 yuan to 250 yuan, while the price in China of Nike footwear products are sold in 400 yuan to 1,000 yuan range. Therefore, Nike must consider the introduction of a number of lower-priced products. It is estimated that Nike footwear products need to be down 25% price range, reached the level of 300 yuan per pair. However, price is not easy to achieve. Because it means that companies have to reduce costs product value chain. To the product price down to 300 yuan, Nike and its suppliers need unit profit fell about 21%. The ultimate sales growth will be sufficient to offset the lower prices brought about by the loss of profits is still uncertain. Secondly, the lower prices are likely to damage the brand image, loss of loyal customers. For many young consumers, to have a pair of Nike shoes is a very face of things. If the product price to a level acceptable to the public, then past the pursuit of high-end, personalized customer get satisfaction will be greatly reduced from the product. In 2008, Adidas had to protect the brand image, risking falling out with the dealer, preventing them cheap empty inventory. The biggest names on the brand image of love is evident. Finally, a foothold in the second and third tier cities, increasing sales terminal cover is an unavoidable Hom. In most people's minds, selling nearly a thousand dollars every turn Nike products, dealer profits will be v Cheap air jordans for sale ery impressive, Nike dealers who want to increase sales outlets will certainly rush. However, the reality is not so. Foreign brand dealers profit has actually lower than the domestic brand dealers about 5 percentage points. This is partly due to the opening of the Nike store-front investments than domestic brands, on the other hand, foreign brand product price more transparent, autonomous decision-making space for the price the dealer is also smaller. Further, since the channel system is not flat, the product layers increases, the terminal distributor of product prices more competitive. So, for the majority of small-scale dealers, the same input, they prefer domestic brands proxy higher profits. To overcome these challenges, Nike are not entirely helpless. First, in order to reduce costs, Nike needs to be transferred to China more factories inland, and in product design and procurement, and marketing chain to reduce costs. In the channels, we should strengthen the construction of flat channels, recruit more local employees to send more managers to actively communicate with the local dealer. Thus closer to the rapidly changing needs of consumers. For example, Adidas changed the only contact with the agent, the latter is responsible for managing the dealer's strategy, in September this year before the establishment of a docking and distributors team. In marketing, it should attract consumers through brand differentiation, rather than price wars to compete head-to. Soften brand in high-end, professional image among consumers, and then launch the appropriate price more popular pr cheap air jordans oducts, consumers will be able to avoid too much attention to reduce, reduce the low-cost brand image damage. In the past, Nike, Adidas sports brands such great emphasis on professionalism, and therefore the distance to the average consumer a bit far. Professional sports products have a "one-man multi-product" of consumption patterns, refers to a professional consumers will buy for different functional needs of sports apparel. For example, wear running shoes jogging, playing basketball shoes, tennis shoes, soccer shoes. However, the majority of second and third tier cities for consumers, but often still "single single-product" of consumption patterns, sports apparel often need to fit a variety of sports, even for everyday wear life. In view of this situation, foreign brands to enter these markets may attempt to shape a more life-oriented, fashion-oriented brand image. For example, Adidas ad, please do Joke brand ambassador, exercise is more to life yoga. In order to lower prices without compromising the brand image may also be considered by a special sub-brands to launch low-end products, to avoid the use of the company's main brand. Such as Nike can its two brands as Converse and Umbro Low pioneer, and let the Nike brand continue to adhere to the high end. Adidas's Reebok may also be the first price adjustment downward.adidas, Consortium, Crazy, Explosive, Day, One, Pack are also presented in two colors. The features are distinctive, full of flu, black and white, and the color of the matching color is distinct. The vamp is cut just right and full of beauty. The black texture is Cheap jordans online heavy and the details are outstanding. adidas Consortium Crazy Explosive "Day One" Pack will officially land on in April 12th; . APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! well, the fishnet stockings they said the other two days, the female star has already got a pair of legs, and it has been directly fried. After the , the "fishing net" craze became even worse. "What nets, shirts, fishnet dresses, fishnet sleeves, all kinds of screens?"". after watching fishnet socks, fishnet shirts, fishnet skirts, fishnet sleeves, I think it's pretty decent, , let's talk about the "fishnet shoes"! rest assured, it's not your kind of fishnet shoes, it's decent... , for example, the avant-garde Adidas, has launched "fishnet shoes" in 2015". 2015 July, Adidas and Parley for the Oceans, Adidas Ultra Boost research and development, uppers material, the use of recycled marine waste, as well as illegal settings of deep-sea fishing nets for reprocessing. Shoes made from fishnet can also be called fishnet shoes! in order to get the raw materials, participate in the project Sea Shepherd Sea Conservation Society (Marine Protection Association), tracing the poaching of the ship, took 110 days, seized illegally set nets, and these nets has been extended to the west coast of africa. in December of the same year, Adidas continued to develop the concept of marine environmental protection. This pair of Cheap foamposites for sale by Adidas and Parley for the Oceans together to create a shoe at that time is just a concept of shoes, shoe material still uses marine plastic litter, with Recyclable polyester and 3D printing production will be completely sole nets, the combination of fashion and environmental protection. In November 2016, Adidas again with Par〉Many of the shoes shoes custom, to a certain extent can show their brand loyalty, Vans custom shoes relatively Nike is really rare, but gratifying is that more and more people involved. Xtian Chavez is a custom called Bape such a pair of shoes, it Vans Sk8-Hi classic shoes based on the depth of customization, white canvas shoes body is dense, identification of high A Bathing Ape classic ape head camouflage cover, followed by more A Bathing Ape used another popular pattern: the shark's head. Such as the big end, Sidestripe and other parts of lace and so on, still white. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (98) share to micro-blog, look at these shoes, the shoebox is a little bit... Crease from the shoebox stamping process, this pair of AJ7 shoebox may be more than before those ordinary shoebox to throw up, but compared with AJ11 shoebox still larger gap, you know. , but the inside of the bag, shoes, paper is gilding process, and relatively thick, this point of praise. first put on a standard sneaker pose and temporarily take up a child's table. black purple tongue color really good. peaks on the outsole followed by "AJ7" sign can see that the AJ7 ha jordans on sale online s an inside boot, but the thin high leg ankle protection tends to zero big bottom of the line, a look, I know, not too slippery , finally, let's shoot a on foot feel, and if compared to modern shoes, then she may be like a pair of ordinary "sneakers", but in the AJ1-10 generation, still pretty good. as the driving force behind early Jordan advertising executive and Jordan Brand has been playing very important role, in 2006 to commemorate his great contributions to the Jordan Brand, especially with Joe 3,4,5,6,9 and related elements match the as a fan of the New York New York color to design the named after the name of the shoes, what color is your favorite?! "OG" - 2006Black/Varsity Red-Classic Green - 2007True Blue - 2007Kings County - 2007White/Cement - 2007Black/Gold - 2008Bred - 2010Stealth - 2010Knicks - 2012POTUS - 2013source: sneakernewsOriginals adidas at the end of the year to launch a new concept of the NMD series of shoes, popularity is no two. Following the earlier yellow version, this month will bring the new version of the "city of sock", in the shoe body design simple and neat, with Primeknit weaving techniques produce socks design, eliminating the shoelace part. At the same time to give texture thick fringe pattern, finally equipped with original EVA granule compression boost technology, functional aesthetic design of brand innovation aggregation is definitely NMD series of surprise. The shoes will be held on March 17th at the designated shop on sale, priced at $1700 dollars. source: footwearThorn emperor Nike Lebron 10 new personal customized version of 2013-12- jordan 3 katrina 2018 08 22:57:35 shoes personal customization big brand Mache recently has a new masterpiece, this time its design theme is no longer limited to the transformation of the color of the shoes, but the focus shifted to the material changes. In recent years, rivet element hot, the famous shoe brand Christian Louboutin rivet shoe money has also been popular in the tide of the personage hot pursuit, but a pure basketball shoes loaded rivets, what effect is it? Mache was so overwhelmed by the bold attempt, the Nike LeBron10 "LebronBoutin" in the head, side and heel of shoe body loaded with varying amounts of rivets, is very terrorist. I wonder if anyone will wear it to play basketball? Air Jordan 1 Mid "Radio Raheem" primary color reproduction 2015-12-07 13:30:15 before, we have to introduce a Air Jordan 2 "Radio Raheem", through the blue black enough to make fans remember. Today, the network then discovered the suspected Air Jordan 1 Mid "Radio Raheem" pictures, from the photos, the shoes are still in black dress, shoe side wing Logo with pink outline full of charm. It is reported that the shoes or Air Jordan 2 "Radio Raheem" over the sale, item number: 554724-029, interested friends may wish to look at. Under Armour, former Curry 2 made an interesting analysis of the season's 24 game winning streak in the amazing warriors trip for each color Stephen Curry with the statistical results showed up, he has three degrees in this version of the 'Dub Nation' home court game, total capture 94 is the color of the top. Under Armour also recently decided to put it into a commercially availab cheap jordans for sale le list, to support Curry fans can start this version of the continuation of the home court, tone generation design 'Dub Nation' is simple but classic, to pay tribute to his team and the effectiveness of the whole city. is expected to be sold overseas in December 18th, priced at $130, and is not available in the Taiwan region. source: Under Armouradidas Crazy 8 can be said to be Adidas's basketball shoes standing erect. The new version will be launched this time by the dazzling orange color, in the bottom of design by processing halftone dot like pattern, the formation of black and white. The leather used on the vamp and the embroidered characters on the shoes look very retro. has been listed abroad, the price of $110 yuan. source: adidas.comThe acclaimed Adidas adiZero? Crazy Light 2 launched a new color for the Lakers, in addition to the purple shoes outside, behind the Cup in particular with shiny, with yellow shoes let the fans see that the Lakers color, and also design the special insoles. The fans are most concerned about the sale of information is not clear, the latest news will be reported to you!! source: nicekicks?Tinker Hatfield in 1980s to the architect's identity into Nike, then start with special structure for the shoes design aesthetics and the view to bring a new perspective, and in fact before the architect's identity, he is also a national level pole vaulter, founder of Bill Bowerman with Nike training, construction, design and integration of aesthetics he the shoes are regarded as the legendary designer in the field of design, hand to create Air Max series (Air Max ~ 1 is responsible for the design of Air Max 94 and Air (Air) Jordan series Jordan 3 ~ Air Jordan 15 and a variety of modern Air Jordan) and his many masterpieces in the history, this article show you know feel the legend from the designer's manuscript. About Us, founded in 2001, is a Taiwan based sports shoes content website that focuses on basketball, jogging, performance related shoes, and the online magazine, starting point for Lifestyle content., is, founded, in,, as, a, Sneakers, community., We, Love, Wear, and, Study, Sneakers.2015 Nike played tricks activity after 3 weeks of intensive training, the selection of the 18 successful promotion of young players, the players for the first time to return home last week and maintain independent training, from August 16th to 19 will once again travel to Shanghai to accept the LeBron James guidance, strive for in the top 12 finalists. studied with LeBron James LeBron James this year will be the eleventh visit to China since 2005, he has traveled to China 11 city, is the first visit to China and the highest number of Nike players, LeBron James is always positive and young people to share the charm of sports and basketball, and self how to reach the peak of perfection of basketball. In addition, LeBron James's products also have great roots with the Greater China region. In 2005, it was the first signature shoe player to launch the Chinese version of color matching. shows the heart of a lionIn 2014 Nike played tricks play basketball activities of LeBron James tutor at the Beijing Wukesong stadium has inspired all want to play famous youth: "the important thing is that you have much love for basketball, don't let anyone take the door shut, don't let anything stop you dream. "." also reminds Nike that students who play basketball need to rely on team wins, and that they must learn how to motivate your partner and make everyone move forward toward a common goal. "I love competition and hate failure. I want the whole team to work together for victory.". "When I was a kid, I wouldn't let anything stop me from playing basketball, whether in a gym or an outdoor stadium," says LeBron James. Whether he was young or now, this belief grew in him and helped him and his teammates break through on the road to basketball. better me LeBron James through basketball is not just a team, but also the whole city. Since he was 8, at the age of 9 to use the basketball dream to let the world see his hometown of Akron, this dream became him on the basketball court, basketball passion and desire for victory to help him continue to progress, and become the top basketball player known to every family. And this belief is also an inspiration for young players and fans who love basketball all over the world. Nike launched the Together ad, meaning a team, a city, a goal. although this year the team strength due to injury is not complete, LeBron James still led the team went to the finals stage, he said: "I know that I bear the heavy responsibility, I do not own capacity limits. LeBron James averaged 35.8 points, 13.3 rebounds and 8.8 assists in the 6 finals, averaging two exposure on the Internet has been a long time Nike Air Foamposite One "Weatherman" is now offering a clear message, in addition from the auction was put on the eBay Air Foamposite One and a surprising place, do not know the sharp eyed exploration researchers found that shoe the? Yes, just as the picture can see, a weather map on the upper isobars seems to be a design of 3M reflective effect, is bound to make double "weatherman" put up more compelling. Foreign countries will be officially released on August 31st, the Taiwan region listed news, please continue to lock the respondents report. source: ebay recently released the Jordan Brand Jordan Melo? M9 green poison color, the color with blue suede double metal green dotted details collocation make up the overall collocation is quite brisk, the color is not available with the news, but the rumors this color and also will poison green color Jordan Spiz ike? "? listed at the end of March, love friends, please continue to pay attention to the follow-up information. source: sneakernews?Drake "From the Views 6" Pop-Up during the end of the store in New York, Miami, Losangeles, the United States after the trip back to Canada, Toronto, canada. Surprisingly, Dundas street is located in the OVO flagship store did not host the Pop-Up activities, but the site is Street Queen. However, even more surprising is that the "6 God" came to the scene, Tee personally sent in the first row of long lines of fans. After today's release of the album cover design, From the Views 6 to enter the final 4 days countdown, presumably countless Drake dead loyalty can not wait to hear the "6 God".

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