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JustDonxAirJordan2 "ArcticOrange" Atlanta - WishBoston - ConceptsBrooklyn sale store - KITHCharlotte - SocialStatusChicago - 32SouthStateandRSVPGalleryCleveland - XhibitionLafayette - SneakerPoliticsLexington - OnenessMiami - SoleFlyNorfolk - Cr& eacute; meOrlando - TrophyRoomPhiladelphia - UbiqToronto - Capsule recently "ten spring" as your ratings are alarmingly high, Dongyu Zhou met Zhang Yishan, a peaceful encounter than the crime that visual sense, actor actress - acting, see people across the screen can smell the breath of youth. down to earth Youth Drama "ten spring" as you, Zhang Yishan with "more than" the crime of ruffian, Dongyu Zhou continued quiet funny temperament, composed "the CP". although the Golden Horse winner Dongyu Zhou is 25 years old, Cheap foamposites for sale but are endowed with a baby face, face the full collagen was significantly smaller, white can pinch the water, plus the ghost face shows, to play the students have no sense of violation. makes people jealous. so, even if the woman features flat, but as long as there is a water tender face, also can hold up to the man The brightness dazzles the eyes.! tender face, even deceive aunt red painted so fresh and refined! a little red in the green, especially attracts the eye. so, my little friends, summer is almost over. How's your face? let's talk about whitening this day. concept many sisters think of whitening, subconsciously is to buy all kinds of whitening products, to the face of a pile of hard, I wish to change the face again, white than white. But, can it really be solved so simply and rudely? beauty on the concept of whitening, in fact, a "white" word is not, there are only four key words: uniform skin, delicate skin. well, a darker color, but the color is uniform, fine pores will face, than a white though, but there are many defects, rough pores, uneven skin color face looks comfortable. This is a piece of jade without flaws, which is more expensive than a defective one. this is why, even if we choose a less white foundation, on the face will appear white than before the makeup, because the dark circles, local defects cover, the face is even. to "white" and Megatron arena's sister Bing Bing, makeup face black eye that a small flaw, also quite significant black. so, ladie jordans on sale online s and sisters, do not blindly pursue white, but -- even, delicate! As long as you reach these two points, you will automatically appear white. sunscreen let's talk about sunscreen first. the key is: want good results, sunscreen should continue to fill. for sunscreen, if you don't want to hold an umbrella not wearing a hat, with a morning can each day, and can achieve the effect on the product description, the reality will tell you, it can only exist deep ad. why do you say that? 1, any sunscreen has the best time, that is, the product instructions on the sunscreen time, are in the most reasonable state, can achieve the longest time of sunscreen. 2, inflammation 〉Nike SB Eric Koston Heritage sale soon 2013-12-08 22:31:39 remain mysterious attitude before Nike SB Eric Koston Heritage recently has finally announced the official release date, this combines the Air Max 90 and Nike SB Koston One of Nike SB Eric Koston Heritage since publication triggered a fairly heated discussion. The reason is that it not only has excellent shape, but also with excellent performance. It is reported that this Nike SB Eric Koston Heritage will officially debut in October, friends who are interested can try.Sina micro-blog company introduces cooperation brand and contact us copyright declaration Beijing City Seth Times Media Culture Co. Ltd Copyright? 2017 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP ready for No. 13028176 PSNY x Air Jordan 12 on the feet, in kind, 2015-11-02 11:46:50 PSNY and Jordan cheap foamposites for sale Brand jointly created Air Jordan 12, today again exposed the new material on foot pictures. The designer uses dark gray leather to create uppers, for its makeover, lost the previous arena sports sense, replaced by a touch of vicissitudes and low-key, perhaps also officially this old and old feeling attracted everyone. But unfortunately still did not bring the network sale information for us, but the number and the price has been the first to be exposed, priced at $300, number 130690-003, interested friends may wish to continue to focus down. PUMA hand in hand with Paris tide brand BWGH launched limited shoes R698 2014-02-24 20:58:54The French brand David Obadia and Nelson Hassan Brooklyn We Go Hard started in early 2010 with the well-known Street brand cooperation, two people for PUMA years of love contributed to the exciting cooperation. In this cooperation, they will BWGH style and PUMA long brand inheritance perfect combination, once the rage of R698 can be regarded as a new look. At the same time, a classic backpack has been reshaped as an innovative BWGH design and PUMA movement elements. in Trinomic science and technology has been recognized as professional running shoes runner in 90s, the birth of R698 can be a great innovation of PUMA running products. R698 is undoubtedly one of the most popular shoe types of PUMA, and on this basis, PUMA design team and BWGH David Obadia together to create the limited shoes. For Obadia and Hassan, BWGH stands for everything for two people. O cheap foamposites badia has an innate passion for art and fashion. He began to explore urban culture from an early age. He put his experience into the soul of BWGH, the focus of detail also brings a little city feeling for the cooperative shoes. David Obadia is in charge of the design direction of BWGH, and it is not difficult to see his obsession with heavy color and pure color in the design. David Obadia often draws inspiration from the works of Mark Rothko, an American painter, who is famous for his paintings of large blocks of color. Rothko believes that color is the real language, which is reflected in the deep blue tone of the BWGH x PUMA R698. R698 has come into being from the canvas of Rothko, it has both the essence of PUMA and BWGH elements, and make the two perfect integration. The leather, mesh and chenille materials make up the blue shoes, and the blue and white shoelaces highlight the blue tone. The delicacy of Obadia blends with the aesthetics of PUMA, which endows R698 with unique qualities. limited skateboard is only available in special channels, and the highly anticipated R698 will go with backpack 〉 as Agassi then the Grand Slam series, also had in earlier drying out over the air tech challenge 4 low wolf gray color, the overall shape of the family are obvious, with low to help design and color matching grey wolf color layout, believe in feeling the movement more than are quite leisure experience; overwhelmed, shoe money once again exposed the real, but did not release re cheap air jordans online lease details. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: Oneness[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] closed shop tide not only domestic sports brands, but also spread to the foreign-funded enterprises. German brand Puma (store) today announced that it will close more than 90 unprofitable stores. Analysts believe that, under the background of market slowdown and improve overall profitability pressures, the future of closed shop tide will continue to spread to the entire sporting goods industry. Further large-scale invasions of e-commerce has become another incentive to channel reform imminent. Puma said that from the second half of 2012 began to implement spending cuts and reform program will continue until 2013, including more than 90 unprofitable stores closed, a decrease of approximately 450 job opportunities. Last year's fourth quarter, Puma losses of up to $ 56.8 million. Coincidentally. Closed shop of a message from the second half of last year, Li Ning (stores), Anta and other domestic mainstream sports brand has spread. Among them, the Peak and Li Ning thousands on the number of stores closed last year, compared to 110 the number of Anta. Just last week, special steps, said this year i cheap jordans for sale ntends to further close about 100 stores. It is understood that special steps had closed shop last year, 80-100. Analysis of the industry, closed shop collective action and before radical expansion related. Prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, both domestic and international sports brand on the market high hopes, especially in the Chinese market, the competition became the main theme of the shop, but the market reaction is not expected. In recent years, many stores can not improve profitability, the cost of operating the terminal stores, but growing. Key Road Sports Consulting Ltd. founder Zhang pointed out that sports brands collectively shut shop, reflects the bottleneck of the whole industry. On the one hand, high-margin, high-growth era is over; on the other hand, through a large opening new stores to increase sales growth model has been difficult to sustain. Peak Group CEO Xu Zhihua also told reporters that the focus on high-quality investment and management after the store closed shop, can increase the profitability of a single shop. In addition, the rapid development of closed stores and e-commerce are not unrelated. To meet the market, will be part of the sports brand into the online sales channel, online sales ratio in the future will gradually increase. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Puma launched the NRGY series shoes in 2014 because of the use of Adidas Boost is very similar to the foam slow shock technology, so Adidas very angry, this is my master's technology! Adidas brought the Puma to court, causing the NRGY series to stop selling. The day before, this time for 2 years the lawsuit was finally sentenced to Adidas, losing the outcome, so Puma can continue to research and development and sales of NRGY series. Feeling Adidas should be angry... in fact, the Puma foam shock technology started from the cooperative research and development with BASF, but later Adidas signed a contract with BASF, which led to Puma can only turn to Huntsman Corp for subsequent research and development. Puma now have not only the bradyseism patent is similar to the Boost, there are Flyknit, with woven fabrics like Primeknit, the next Sneaker ring will be what kind of change, for the majority of consumers, it is worth looking forward to! APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! if talking about the highest concern in the first half of the shoes, no doubt KAWS x Air Jordan 4 is no exception, and then exposed KAWS x Air Jordan 4 Black Suede version of the same eye-catching. The mystery of 's shoes finally opened, via the Ins account highsnobiety lead exposure, this is a pair of KAWS I build specifically for the "Family and Friends" and the limited edition, and the picture in this pair of shoes is the special master Jordan Brand design vice president David Creech! The features a cool black dress, with details designed to be almost identical to the gray version of the final offering, and also made of suede. The shoes are full of KAWS logo Companion pattern, and the heel is decorated with black "XX" letters to indicate the identity. Finally, it ends with a transparent bottom, and the whole shape is low-key and luxurious. In this paper, and pictures are from the network, if the same, please contact the editor.cold winter, you set a fitness program continues? Or has already begun to hoard fat in preparation for the winter? Winter is really not interested in sports, only want to be with the bed Shengsixiangxu, but touch belly fat, do not want to stand up and run two step?? today [daily shoes] is still asics running shoes King's a cushioning system flagship running shoes, Gel-Nimbus 16, wear it perhaps will let you have again ran up the power. Don't think small exaggeration, Asics Gel-Nimbus series has let you fall in love with the magic of running. Expand the jogging craze as well as the continuation of the sports equipment demand, from Japan's professional sports leading brand Asics in the summer to bring a new generation of Gel-Nimbus 16. Another flagship brand shoes level has also appeared in a series of articles [daily shoes], Asics Gel-Kayano 20. Compared the two, the biggest difference is that Kayano belongs to a supporting system of running shoes, wearing experience more hard, so more suitable for large weight or valgus foot run; and the nimbus is cushioning system running shoes, softer than the Kayano, cushioning performance more robust, varus foot and normal foot runners can choose the nimbus. The Asics Gel-Nimbus Asics Gel-Kayano 20below 16;The cushioning performance of powerful Nimbus, the first is naturally from the Asics sign Gel shock rubber technology. For Gel shock may have glue, do not need too many presents, as long as you know from 3 meters height bradyseism glue on egg in Gel remained intact enough to know how strong the ability of shock absorption. Before and after the Gel-Nimbus feet all loading T-GEL cushioning rubber, with Fluidride double density in material and a foot out of the pace can feel soft coating and ultra high ceiling shock cushioning. Double density Fluidride midsole, upper "SpEVA", can ease the impact, and play a high rebound; "Solyte" is used in the bottom level, low density and a lightweight material. in the outer end of the design, the flagship super run natural less than Line Guidance gravity guide line, the full length of the groove guide the correct trajectory of the gait, reduce energy loss. as for the upper, equipped with Fluidfit mesh fabric, the use of air holes structure, the formation of a complete system, to enhance the comfort and wear when wearing a sense of. more color and configuration details, please click on access to view the file page. information, the latest shoes running shoes NBA stories and sport knowledge, please pay attention to the cattle movement 〉.

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